Data Management Program for Manufacturers

GG Access is our Manufacturer channel data management program which allows Manufacturers to maintain and update their SKUs in our product database. GG Access is an industry-wide program that makes your data available to all distributors, resellers and retailers using Our data network of more than 8 million products globally.

Our goal is to distribute the most accurate product data possible to as many partners as possible. Manufacturers are enabled to distribute their product data, quickly and cost effectively to the right partners in as quickly as 24 hours. GG Access helps provide accurate product data to channel partners looking to receive and integrate content into their own systems with minimal effort.

GG Access is designed for manufacturers who are interested in making their product data readily available to their partners while ensuring their products are represented accurately on leading distributor, reseller, VARs, retailer, e-tailer and shopping portals. GoodGree allows various delivery and submission methods for manufacturers looking to maintain their data. Visit the links above to see the role accurate manufacturer data plays in Our products.