GoodGree Visual Retail POS

GoodGree Visual Retail POS is an integrated system that gives retailers a single centralized location to manage Point of Sale, Inventory Management and more, all tailored to each retailer’s unique needs. With many years in the industry, POS gives retailers the most up-to-date technology available for a variety of retail applications.

The solution can be configured for a number of retail segments, including apparel, gift shops, hardware stores, electronics, office supplies and much more. It’s ideal for growing retailers that need robust functionality and complete control of operations and employees, including across multiple registers or locations.

The control center allows users to manage the various system features, turning them on or off depending on the store’s needs. These changes take effect immediately; there’s no need to restart the program or the terminal. Inventory is strictly controlled through te “Inventory Matrix”, which allows users to adjust inventory without accessing any of the other modules, creating purchase orders or shipping manifests, change item pricing, print barcodes and labels, categorize inventory and more.  The “Close to Real Time” feature ensures this sales and inventory data stays accurate and up-to-date, even when the Internet is down.

GoodGree Visual Retail POS includes a reporting module that provides a variety of views and analyses, with recommendations for markups, transfers and purchase orders to ensure smooth operations. All of this functionality is backed by highly qualified tech support, available via phone, email and on the Web, usually within minutes. POS is also fully integrated with a number of e-commerce companies, allowing retailers a choice from which to choose in order to sell online seamlessly.

For retailers seeking control over every aspect of their business, GoodGree Visual Retail POS is a complete, scalable solution.

Feature-packed iPad point of sale

  • Ligtning-fast Transactions

    Designed for speed. Quick to set up and even faster to use.

  • Robust Inventory Management

    Track and manage stock all in one convenient place.

  • Smart Customer Marketing

    Build your database and drive repeat business.

  • Simple Staff Management

    Track hours worked and identify star performers.

  • Game-changing Reports & Analytics

    Real-time analytics you can access from anywhere.