Real Time Visibility To Material Flow

GoodGree supply chain and logistics solutions enable customers to more effectively manage and allocate resources by optimizing the flow of assets, connecting the enterprise directly to suppliers and customers, giving real-time visibility of location and material flow. These solutions improve asset utilization, enhance operational efficiencies, and reduce costs.

Distribution Optimization
Distributors of bulk lube and fuels store and transfer products to retail and commercial businesses on a preset schedule. However, this manual method of checking is inefficient and exposes distributors to unnecessary truck-roll visits and could create outages between visits for retailers.

Manufacturing Optimization
For manufacturers of goods, the movement of physical assets like parts, containers and warehouse space presents a challenge due to the lack of visibility. As assets ship, arrive and are assembled, blind spots develop. Identifying those gaps is more important than ever to ensure the fidelity of the supply chain and enable smart logistics.

Waste Management
For companies who specialize in waste management, GoodGree delivers an asset management solution, giving rental companies who lease large roll off containers the visibility to see the assets anywhere, anytime. This in turn saves time, money, and increases efficiency and productivity.