Proven Transportation and Logistics Management

Synchronize supply chain execution with complete visibility into inventory, costs and performance

Companies today are challenged to streamline their transportation and logistics management processes to maximize efficiencies, customer satisfaction and profit margins. Transportation Management and Logistics Management solutions from GOODGREE Software effectively manage the entire closed-loop transportation process — from long-range strategies and operational planning to day-to-day execution.

Transform your business by using GOODGREE solutions to:

  • Implement transportation plans driven by consumer demand and replenishment policies
  • Control costs and streamline productivity
  • Leverage logistics to support profitable growth
  • Improve trading partner relationships with effective collaboration

GOODGREE is a Leader in Transportation Management

GOODGREE Software is for supply chain: Transportation Management Systems, Warehouse Management Systems and Supply Chain Planning Systems of Record!

Challenge: Driving Profitability in Today’s Complex Global Market

Fundamentally, the role of transportation and logistics management is simple: get the right product to the right place at the right time and at the lowest cost. Competition in terms of transportation and logistics depends on speed and intelligence – making the best decisions, quickly turning decisions into action and monitoring the operation every step of the way to deliver the superior service customers expect. Achieving this objective is no small feat in today’s complex global environment. Companies are under intense pressure now more than ever to streamline their operations and overcome unprecedented economic, environmental and industry challenges while still satisfying the ongoing expectations of a rapidly evolving customer base.

Additionally, global trade is significantly rising – depleting fuel and energy resources, lengthening and straining supply chains and ultimately inflating overall supply chain costs. Companies must navigate supply chain bottlenecks and higher freight costs because of network congestion, uncontrollable delays and longer transit times. In addition to offsetting increasing costs, companies now also face progressively stringent security and governmental regulations, as well as global pressure to reduce emissions by making their operations greener.

Confronted with these and many other challenges, how can organizations strategically streamline their transportation and logistics processes to maximize supply chain efficiencies, customer satisfaction and profit margins?

Solution: Achieving Real Results with Proven Transportation and Logistics Management

For many years, GOODGREE Software has led hundreds of onpremise, licensed deployments of our world-class, integrated Transportation & Logistics Management solutions at some of the biggest names in retail, manufacturing and wholesale distribution. Our customers have reported the real results needed to strategically advance their multi-modal, global logistics networks, including reduced costs, maximized efficiencies, improved service levels and increased profit margins.

Featuring a broad footprint, rich functionality and unparalleled scalability, GOODGREE’s comprehensive solutions effectively manage the entire closed-loop transportation process – from longrange strategies and operational planning to day-to-day execution. Whether looking to improve the design of your network, procurement strategies, business constraint-based planning and optimization, shipment visibility, payment and billing or performance analysis initiatives, GOODGREE’s integrated yet modular solution set is easily configurable to meet your current and future needs. Providing keen logistics optimization and demand-driven supply chain visibility, GOODGREE empowers you to boost profits and shareholder value by significantly reducing costs, streamlining productivity, improving customer service and enhancing trading partner collaboration.

Positively Impacting Your Demand-Driven Supply Chain

To truly achieve demand-driven operations, companies must have keen insight into customer demand and understand the impact that their decisions have on their supply chains. Though simplistic, this objective is often difficult to attain. GOODGREE’s Transportation & Logistics Management solutions can help your company reach this ultimate goal while still delivering the traditional benefits you expect, including lower freight costs and improved asset utilization. To create unparalleled high-velocity flows of materials and information, logistics constraints must be accommodated further upstream in the supply chain planning process – such as during initial master or replenishment planning and order promising activities – rather than being viewed after the fact as constraints that must be overcome in order to meet the master plan. With a logistics component in every phase of your supply chain, GOODGREE solutions empower you to implement transportation and logistics planning processes that are driven by customer demand and replenishment policies.

You can also exploit valuable information captured during order-transaction execution to more rapidly respond and adapt to constantly changing operational, market and environmental realities. With real-time visibility into your physical supply chain combined with historic performance intelligence, you and your partners can make precise decisions throughout your strategic, operational and execution processes.

Controlling Costs and Streamlining Productivity

Time is money. GOODGREE Transportation & Logistics Management solutions automate and streamline your business processes, thereby significantly reducing administrative and operating costs while increasing productivity and visibility. Providing standardization throughout your procurement, planning, execution and freight audit processes in addition to centralizing logistics visibility, GOODGREE’s easy-to-use solutions quickly capture and distribute accurate information to sharpen decision making across your supply chain. By automating day-to-day tactics, GOODGREE reduces the need for manual user overrides, resulting in considerable time and monetary savings. Empowering you to manage processes via user-defined exceptions and constraints, the solutions automatically detect and resolve all straightforward issues, only requiring intervention and stakeholder notification on unique exceptions. You will be able to reallocate resources to more value-added activities that create profitability for your company.

Leveraging Logistics to Support Profitable Growth

Leading shippers and service providers alike are leveraging transportation and logistics operations as a key strategic weapon to gain a competitive advantage and improve profit margins by determining the best mix of business to yield the highest profits. These market leaders are combining the best people, processes and technologies to create centralized logistics groups that offer services to both internal and external customers. Such companies are focusing not only on cost reduction but are also concentrating on service-level performance and the strategic importance of logistics in creating shareholder value. For multi-divisional enterprises, managing logistics in a centralized shared-services environment can deliver significant value, and the GOODGREE Transportation and Logistics solutions provide the industry-leading capabilities you need to drive profitable growth in your organization.

Improving Trading Partner Relationships with Effective Collaboration

Maximizing supply chain efficiencies and delivering worldclass services require effective trading-partner collaboration. Beyond classic shipment execution, GOODGREE Transportation & Logistics Management strategically fosters partner relationships to dramatically reduce purchasing and expediting costs plus improve service levels and in-stock positions. Leveraging Web-based technologies, GOODGREE enables you to electronically share and control detailed purchasing, ordering, shipping and delivery information in real time with your vendors, service providers, brokers and customers. You can easily analyze partner performance to continually improve relations and results – from carrier capacity and asset utilization to fill rates, order cycle times, lead times and more. With order-to-delivery visibility and collaboration, the optimum balance between trading partner service requirements is easily achieved.

Flexible Deployment Models

Chief information officers today are challenged to prioritize projects and ensure alignment with corporate goals and objectives. Although advanced transportation management solutions are among the fastest-growing applications proven to deliver significant return on investment (ROI), transportation executives are competing with a long line of other business teams all demanding resources. And faced with tighter budgets and maxed-out internal resources, transportation applications may not make the cut when monetary allocations are made.

GOODGREE is pleased to offer our Transportation & Logistics Management solutions through flexible deployment models to meet your current and future needs. We have combined our extensive domain knowledge and real-world experience to deliver a flexible yet preconfigured transportation management solution offered through a hosted, managed service. Your company can realize a lower overall total cost of ownership by eliminating the hefty initial capital investment and costs associated with software, maintenance, network and infrastructure upgrades, as well as reducing specialized IT staffing needs.

Your team will be empowered to focus on what they do best while GOODGREE leads accelerated delivery and ongoing solution management with the flexibility to scale from the simplest, regional logistics network to the most complex, multi-modal global network.