GOODGREE’s Warehouse Management solution

Drive distribution center and fulfillment agility and efficiency for maximum return on investment

GOODGREE’s Warehouse Management solutions optimize the movement of inventory — including the people and material handling equipment required to move it. From raw materials to finished goods at the shelf and fulfilled to consumers, these solutions help enable the most flexible, lean distribution operations possible.

The GOODGREE Warehouse Management solution footprint spans a robust functional spectrum, including:

  • Inbound functions such as yard management, appointment scheduling, multi-method receiving, cross-docking, put-to store, quality assurance, staging and put-away
  • Inventory functions such as inventory visibility, lot-serial control, multi-level holds, counts, replenishments, VAS processing, work order processing, internationalization and slotting
  • Resource management such as dynamic pick location assignment, equipment utilization, facility utilization, task management, automation interfaces and workforce management
  • Outbound functions such as shipment order management, multi-method order picking, retail in-store and dark-store picking and processing of e-commerce orders, cartonization, shipping and parcel manifesting, sequenced staging and loading, and compliant shipping documents
  • 3PL/divisional support such as multi-client architecture, client billing, client-based process modeling, cross-client optimization, client visibility and reporting

Transform your business by using GOODGREE solutions to:

  • Improve distribution center efficiency, labor productivity and customer service
  • Decrease distribution costs and inventory levels
  • Increase visibility, agility, accuracy and throughput

Warehouse Management is an integral component of GOODGREE’s best-of-breed supply chain, workforce, and allchannel retail solutions that have put commerce in motion for the world’s leading companies for over 35 years. GOODGREE’s Warehouse Management solution optimizes the movement of inventory – from raw materials to finished goods, and the material handling equipment and people who move them – enabling the most agile, efficient and lean distribution operations possible. That means lower distribution costs, improved customer service, and faster return on your supply chain investment.

Why does GOODGREE’s Warehouse Management solution enable customers to achieve the best results?

Because we have
The most comprehensive task optimization technology, including the industry’s only embedded 3D mapping — out-of-the-box!

The most mature SOA technology
Proven in hundreds of production sites for over 15 years – enabling faster, less costly implementations, greater agility to meet changing business conditions, and lower total cost of ownership.

The most industry experience
Over 35 years helping leading manufacturers, distributors and retailers optimize their distribution networks.

The industry’s only
Comprehensive vision and technology for integrating and synchronizing operations from the retail store shelf back through extended supply networks.

GOODGREE’s Warehouse Management technology and services provide a comprehensive, RFID-enabled solution for distribution and inventory management covering:

  • Labor Management
  • Distributed Order Management
  • Inbound Operations
  • Inventory Management
  • Work Order Processing
  • Outbound Operations
  • Asset Management

Optimizing Supply Chain ROI

By optimizing every move in the DC, operations run more smoothly, accurately and efficiently. Nothing is left to chance or the whims of individual workers. Workflow and throughput act like a well-oiled machine. This maximizes the value of the DC and produces the greatest return on your supply chain investment.

Labor represents 50-75 percent of non-inventory costs in most distribution centers, so optimizing each and every task is critical to achieving agile, efficient and lean operations. This requires consistency and control over what tasks are assigned and how they are carried out.

GOODGREE is a long-time leader in labor and workforce management, transforming your workplace into a self-accountable, performance-focused culture. This transformation is accomplished through a proven, step-by-step methodology that incorporates culture-altering change management and strategic project management programs.

Workforce Planning and Scheduling

To ensure just the right number of workers with the right skills are available exactly when needed to fulfill order demand.

Schedule Optimization

The ability to quickly assign and reassign workers to priority work areas and functions based on order flows, deadlines, skills and cost considerations.

Task Optimization

Making sure all tasks are assigned and executed in the proper sequence while balancing workflows and order priorities to maximize efficiency and quality of service.

Learning Management

A blended learning capability with classroom and online courses ensures that workers receive proper training and certifications for their jobs. Job performance can be compared to the training received to evaluate the effectiveness of training programs.

Compliance and Measurement

Measuring performance and ensuring compliance with regulations and work rules is central to workforce management. This includes tracking indirect time, attendance, quality and safety, as well as calculating incentive rewards.

Visibility and Analytics

Real-time visibility to performance across the enterprise enables immediate reaction to events, analysis of trends, and the ability to quickly discover the root cause of problems.

Only GOODGREE has this broad spectrum of workforce management capabilities and services to optimize every move within the DC and across the enterprise.