Domain Of Science

Map of Biology
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⁣Biology is the subject that studies life in all its forms, from the simple cell through to all the animals that inhabit the planet. In this map, the subject of biology is laid out and how all of the sub-disciplines are related to each other: microbiology, genetics, bioengineering, anatomy, physiology, medicine, neuroscience, ecology, zoology to name but a few.

The Map of Chemistry
29 Views · 8 months ago

⁣The entire field of chemistry summarised in 12mins from simple atoms to the molecules that keep you alive.

Gravitational Waves Explained
28 Views · 8 months ago

⁣Everything you need to know about gravitational waves. In February 2016 scientists announced the first detection of gravitational waves by humans on Earth. This was a huge, world-changing, discovery. The gravitational waves were caused by a pair of colliding black holes 1.3 billion light-years away 1.3 billion years ago. This video summarizes all of the mind-blowing facts about gravitational waves and describes LIGO, the incredibly sensitive telescope that detected them.

Map of Computer Science
33 Views · 8 months ago

⁣Computer science is the subject that studies what computers can do and investigates the best ways you can solve the problems of the world with them. It is a huge field overlapping pure mathematics, engineering and many other scientific disciplines. This video summarises as much of the subject and show how the areas are related to each other.

Understanding Quantum Physics
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⁣A simple and clear explanation of all the important features of quantum physics that you need to know. ⁣The video explains the quantum wavefunction, particle-wave duality, the measurement problem, the double-slit experiment, superposition, entanglement, quantum tunneling, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and energy quantisation.