Nature Of Writing

Introduction to Essay Outlines
20 Views · 8 months ago

Learn how to organize an effective essay through this video. Essay outlines are important in long write-ups like school thesis and magazine-style writing.

The Tone of Academic Writing
23 Views · 8 months ago

⁣An informal or casual writing style tends to use contractions, colloquial (slang) language, a subjective perspective, as well as other traits. By contrast, a formal tone is more polished and focused. Learn how to recognize the tone of a piece of writing and improve your own prose.

Finding The Subject -Sentence Structure (Advanced)
31 Views · 8 months ago

As a writer one should be familiar with sentence structure. ⁣Sometimes finding the subject of a sentence can be difficult. In this video, we discuss some tricky cases to watch out for.

Introduction to Marxist Literary Theory
33 Views · 8 months ago

⁣As part of a series on analyzing English literature (and writing a quality essay), we look at Marxist literary theory. This video explains the relationship between the base and the superstructure and explores how later Marxist literary critics such as Raymond Williams adapted Marx's ideas to help with literary interpretation.

Methodology: An Introduction to Literary Theory
32 Views · 8 months ago

The video is part of a literary series introducing the basics of literary theory.